Your child’s safety is important at Bizy Beaver Indoor Playground. Our commitment to you is to have clean and sanitized equipment, designated age-appropriate play areas, and properly trained staff. It is required for parents to supervise children at all times. Socks are required for everyone (Child or adult) that enters the facility.
Playground Rules:

  • Children must be supervised by parent or adult at all times.
  • Please abide by age limits of designated areas.
  • Remove shoes, loose articles of clothing, jewelry and sharp objects.
  • This is a sock only facility, parents and party guests included. Socks must be worn at all times. No shoes in facility.
  • Slide one person at a time in forward seated position, feet first. No climbing up slide.
  • No climbing or standing on outside of play equipment.
  • No running.
  • Food, gum and drinks only allowed in designated areas.
  • Do not bring toys or other items into play equipment.
  • Be respectful of other children.
  • Do not push, hit or injure other children.
  • Outside food and beverages not permitted.
  • Waivers required prior to entry.

Jump Pad Rules:

  • Must be physically fit. No heart, bone or back problems.
  • No flips or somersaults
  • Remove jewelry and empty pockets.
  • No shoes
  • No jumping near edges.